How Drumstick Central Helped Me Choose A Pair Of Drumsticks

For many years I had been using the same pair of drumsticks because I am pretty much a creature of habit so once I decide on something, I am very content in sticking with it forever.

That was until a friend of mine put me in touch with a website called Drumstick Central which had a very interesting article on it teaching beginner drummers about the various types of sticks for drums out there in the world.

I had never ever given much thought to the type of drumsticks I was using but after reading one of the Drumstick Central articles, the idea of trying a newer pair of drumsticks was one that made me pretty excited.

I then set out to try the drumsticks that they recommended and I am very happy since. It is always nice to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Break the mold and not stick with the things you know. Ironically, the new drumsticks that I discovered on the drumstick central website will most likely be the ones that I stick with for the next who knows how long lol.

I am still happy that a simple change in mindset and change in gear has made such a difference to my drumming and makes me excited to get behind that drumkit after a long day of work and bash out all of my frustrations and musical grooveness monster.

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