Who Is My Drumming Idol?

I can answer that question for you very easily.

My drumming idol of all time is definitely Steve Gadd.

If you haven’t heard of Steve Gadd then you are definitely missing out! He’s one of the most well know drummers around the scene, especially in the United States.

Which Band Does Steve Gadd Drum For?

Steve Gadd is not known for being a drummer in a specific band but rather is most well known for being what is called a, “session” drummer. This means that he plays in different bands for many different musicians.

The musicians Steve Gadd is most well known for as a drummer is for Eric Clapton who is a British blues guitar legend. It is Steve Gadd’s work with Eric Clapton that I really love and is where Steve became my absolute drumming idol.

Check out this video where Steve Gadd performs with Eric Clapton. One of my favorite live performances of all time.

The Steve Gadd Sticks For Drums

When it comes to the drum sticks that Gadd uses, he has his very own signature drumsticks. These signature drumsticks also happen to be my favorite drumsticks

He’s The Best In The World On Drums

If you want some evidence and some so called “proof” as to why Steve Gadd is the best drummer in the world (or at least my best drummer) just watch the video below. It’s only 3 minutes but it shows perfectly how he absolutely rips on the drumkit.


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