My Drumkit and Set Up

In the picture above, you can see my drum set up.

I’m currently in one band but this gig requires me to have three different set-ups depending on the type of show we have that day or night.

Let me explain..

1 ) My Regular Set Up

So the picture above is of my regular set up. This is what me and my band use for regular sized venues as well as outdoor venues. Everything for this set up is acoustic until recently when I added a Roland SPD-SX to my set up so that we as a band can run the metronome. Over the years this has been the most popular set up of mine however, the second set up below is slowly but surely over taking

2 ) My Second Compact and Hybrid Drum Set Up

My second set up which I don’t have a picture of yet is my hybrid kit. This is basically just an acoustic kick drum (but the smallest size with a trigger) along with acoustic snare, toms and symbols. With this set up I also use the Roland SPD-SX for metronome but I use the pads as well a lot on this set up for more electronic sounds. This set up was meant for tiny venues as it is a very small set up but we as a band have realized that it is super versatile and can be used for any type of gig.

3) My Acoustic Set Drum Rig

Whilst the acoustic set is my most minimalist drum set up, it is ironically the most”electronic” as I rely pretty much only on my SPD-SX sample pad as well as my electric kick drum. The reason I do this is because the acoustic set has a lot of different types of sounds needed and I can easily jump through them using the SPD.


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